Incentives for Guest Blogging

by Peter Attia on December 22, 2011

Over the past couple years guest blogging has become one of the more popular methods of link building. They can provide great content for bloggers, a nice link back to your site, and they’re completely white hat. One of the hardest parts however, is finding bloggers to publish your post.

Sure, you can use My Blog Guest and connect with several people looking to guest post, but what about that perfectly relevant blog you happen to come by? Should you just walk away from it? Of course not! You need to contact them and get a post on their site!

A great way to do this is find something that personally hits home to them. Make them care that some random person they’ve never met just emailed them. For example, if you’re on someones photography blog tell them you’ll buy them a roll of film as a thank you. Better yet, if you notice a post announcing they just got a puppy, offer a new dog collar!

“Hey Julie,

I was wondering if you accepted guest posting on your site. I’ve been itching to write a review about my new camera and your blog would be a perfect fit! I’d be happy to buy little Wilson a new collar as a thank you :)

All the Best,

Finding these little hidden gems can go a long way. It tells the blogger you actually went on their site and maybe even spent a whole 7 and a half minutes reading through. You’ll be surprised at how much your response rate will shoot up from offering these incentives and they’re easy on your budget.

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