How to Get High Profile Accounts to Promote Your Content

by Peter Attia on March 13, 2012

A huge part of creating new content, whether it be written, graphical, or otherwise; is promoting it. It’s no secret that if someone with several thousand followers promotes your article, it will gain you exponentially more traffic.

High profile accountYou can achieve this by revolving an article around a specific person, company, band, whatever, and then simply asking them. This is acquirable before you even write an article by contacting them and seeing if they would be interested.

An Example Situation

I’ve mentioned a company a few times in the past called Sugru. Sugru is a start up that makes an air cured, rubber like substance for fixing things. They’re also very adamant about showing off ways their customer base has used their product on their blog. This has also acquired them a huge following.

Say you worked for an electronics company. You could easily contact Sugru and tell them that you are interested in creating a post about repairing your products with Sugru; and asking them if they would be willing to mention it on their website or social profiles. If they agree, you could then create the actual post and then you’re good to go.

Yeah, but Does This Actually Work?

skepticalYes. I’ve done this on a few occasions. It doesn’t work every time, but when it works, it works very well. It does however require solid, involved, and times taking content. You need to steam roll over any road blocks and create a one in a million post.

Other Ways to Leverage The Post

It helps to also mention specific founders, employees, funders, etc within the post. You can then also contact them and tell them you wrote a post about them and their product. This will help you go across both their personal and professional networks.

Make sure your post not only revolves around a specific company, but also a specific niche. For example, above I mentioned writing about repairing electronics. You can in turn (before you publish the post) ask bloggers that write about electronics to help promote your post. If you do this, you want to make sure they all post the article on the same day (very similarly to infographic promotion). This way when you push your article, there will be mentions of it on several other related blogs as well.

If you have a 2nd medium associated with your written content (for example a video), you can also promote that video at the same time the post goes up. Through video directories, Tumblr, Social profiles, etc.

Good luck ya’ll!

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