An Approach to Finding Relevant Blogs in Narrow Verticals

by Peter Attia on February 7, 2012

Finding relevant sites in a tight niche market can get difficult when you’ve been working on the same account for several months. You start seeing the same sites over and over again and start reaching out to less relevant blogs to make up for it.

A method that seems to be underutilized for finding sites to link from is using Google Alerts. I’m not talking about setting up alerts for the name of your client to find people talking about you, but setting it up for actual keywords. That way anytime a specific keyword is mentioned, you can see where it was posted up and contact the site owner.

This method isn’t entirely flawless. Just like any Alert set up, you will end up with lots of irrelevant alerts, but it only takes a quick glance to see if an alert is worth pursuing or not. This method works well for low volume terms: for example “Custom Urethane” or “Univex Mixers”. Make sure you keep the quotation marks in the alerts to keep them more relevant.

For Higher Volume Terms

Even though I’m giving this as an example for low volume terms, it’s still very usable for higher search volume terms. The issue with higher volume terms, is that you’ll get a lot of junk as well. To narrow it down, you can implement advanced operator queries into your alert.

Advanced Queries I like:

  • intitle:”keyword” inurl:blog
  • intitle:”Keyword: inurl:blog
  • intitle:”keyword: inurl:category

With some keywords, the queries above will bring up several corporate blogs that usually aren’t willing to link out. You can usually narrow these down by setting the alert to blogs only and then removing the “inurl:” tag.


This is a great accent to your current method of finding sites or for finding sites on a term you’re casually building links to. You should tweak and test out different advanced operator queries to find one that works the best. It can vary for different niches and it also helps you think of some advanced queries to use when you’re doing any normal prospecting. You will still need to use other methods if you’re trying to find several sites immediately.

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