Cucumber Nebula is an inbound marketing and SEO blog with the focus of advanced search marketing techniques. The blog was founded by Peter Attia, who has been in the marketing industry since 2006, and James Marshall Owen, a developer who works closely with SEO-focused businesses.

The Founders

Peter Attia
Peter AttiaPeter Attia is an online marketing professional specializing in inbound marketing. He has worked with campaigns scaling from local businesses to fortune 100 companies.

From a young age Peter has been growing his skills within online entrepreneurship; starting an online store to help finance his way through college. Since then he has been involved with the creation of two internet marketing firms and several startup businesses.

You can find Peter on Twitter and Google+.

James Marshall Owen
James Marshall OwenJames Marshall Owen is an Austin, TX based design and development consultant. Marshall began programming as a kid, and has professionally developed graphics and web applications for over a decade.

Marshall’s focus is on website development, including design and coding process, SEO, and user experience.

You can find Marshall on Twitter and Google+.

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